Lashes extension

Our Lashes Extension

Lash extension are used to beautify and enhance your eyes, either subtly, or dramatically. There are several types of lashes extension available on the market including mink, synthetic and human hair, or a hybrid of both. During the process, a professionally trained technicians or licensed aesthetician applies the recommended medical-grade glue to the lash-line and applies a single lash at a time until the desired result is achieved. The professional applying the lashes will be able to properly assess the existing natural eyelashes and determine the best placement of additional individual lashes.

While often costly at the onset, lash extensions lessen both the amount of makeup needed, and therefore the time necessary for daily application of makeup. Often, as the additional lashes add an intensity and glamor to the eyes, mascara and sometimes eyeliner is no longer needed.

The technician applying the extensions is responsible both for the correct application and the aesthetics of the end result. They should assess your eye shape, as well as the end result the client is wishing for, which may range from subtle lengthening and fullness for everyday wear, to boldly dramatic for a special occasion. Time should be taken to explain the necessary aftercare and hygiene that will prolong the time between re-application and allow them to healthily maintain their new, luxurious lash look.