Our Microblading Service

Microblading is the process of enhancing the look of the eyebrow by opening the dermis and depositing a desired pigment. Microblading is also known as brow embroidery or microstroking as each deposit simulates an individual brow hair.

This process is considered semi-permanent make up; it gives a fuller look to eyebrows, both as a cosmetic addition, and for those with thinning or sparse brows. It can assist in evening the shape of eyebrows or increasing length. The semi-permanent nature of the process is similar to a tattoo; these enhancements cannot be washed or sweated off like regular makeup, and therefore reduce the time needed for daily makeup application. Unlike the common practice of ‘filling in’ eyebrows with makeup pencils or other superficial pigments, microblading does not result in opaque color that is easily identified as enhanced. As each hair is individually drawn on, the results are natural looking and finessed.

Microblading should be done only by a trained technician; the requirements for certification vary between states. It is important to discuss any medications being currently taken with your technician prior to beginning the procedure; this includes blood thinners as well as many dermatological treatments that may affect pigment appearance or healing time.

The process often takes multiple hours due to the delicacy required to draw each brow hair. The cost may be prohibitive to some, and some fading may occur, but the effect can last up to three years. Retouching individual areas is easily done, and may increase the lifespan of the result.

Overall, the process of microblading allows those with sparse or missing eyebrows to attain a fuller look, offers the option of reshaping and lengthening of brows, and its permanence allows a significant reduction in daily makeup application – the individual’s best appearance, with the least amount of work!